What Landing Page Monkey Can it be used Or

Landing page monkeyI have found a product that can if you want to create a Sales Funnel. Let’s talk a little about the Landing Page Monkey

Landing Page Monkey Review

Name: Landing Page Monkey
Website: http://landingpagemonkey.com/
Price: $ 49 or $ 69 which is a lump sum
Owners: Simon and Jeremy
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Landing Page Monkey, Product Overview

ProductDo you work with affiliate products or do you possibly a shop. So it can be an excellent idea to create some simple pages that stand out from the rest of your website.
We are not talking about software that can work frontend but a tool where you are in control of the design.
Here, for example, several different ways you can set the animation as the background for your page.
Something that I think that can give your page life if you do not exaggerate.
You can even select the colors you want to work with, yes you can even creating backgrounds and test different to find out what is on the most.
You can charge the videos from any video platform.
So it means in practice that you to videos that you have either created on youtube or download down from there.
You have other of the smaller video community that you also cunningly can implement.
Then there is the mail service of all kinds; you can use everything from MailChimp to Aweber and on to some of the less recognized.
Ok, so little landing pages as the Internet appears nowadays.
The old version where you just had a video and a mail form.
As you got your followers to sign up on so you could market your products and articles to those that come with what you write.
I have long been on Simon and Jeremy-list when I think they are full of good ideas.
Not all are equally good, but some of them are quite beautiful tools.
I must mention that this is a web app so do not download anything on your computer.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

It is easy to set up landing pages that have your character.
I am pleased that it is easy to integrate with virtually any platform.
The host your pages for you, I can well enough not say how safe they this host is.
Already in the intro video, you get to know what you are getting for your money.
It works directly with WordPress; that means you do not have to buy a new domain.
Your thank you, pages will easily get a personal touch.

The Bad:

The real old landing page is about to be history.
All pages and articles is a landing page; there’s a reason you end up on a page. Yes, you have searched for a topic find, so you will also find an article about it.

Who is Landing Page Monkey For?

Landingpage toolFirst of all, not all kinds of companies that need to create this delicious sides.
Since you are also in many cases can create them from the theme you have chosen to work in. True, it’s easy to implanter payments like PayPal and other common secure payment forms.
But you will easily get to rummage around in your design as you can create new templates for each page.
Where I see a huge advantage is that you can build a page and then make one for your primary product.
A page which you can link to, from your other pages that relate to it.
I would say that my niche would be brilliant to do it.
As you know, I like to create my videos, and here I have the media which is very suitable for this purpose.
Of course, there is affiliate part where I definitely can recommend to promote this to others who also are looking at the kinds of products and will even create their landing pages.

Landing Page Monkey Tools & Training

There are plenty of videos on how you can use the tool to build your personal and unique pages. Since you have unlimited templates so, you can also split test as much as you have the energy. I see the way that they have pieced it together that it is a bit like what you get when you, for example, buy a Pro theme in WordPress.
You get upgrades, and in many cases, you also get instruction in how to use them. So are you here with a little bit of insight into the most common questions you get on the page itself before you bought it.

Landing Page Monkey Support

As I said, I know that the two men are very thorough, they have made the sales since very informative, so you feel that you are just buying a tool. Here is created a small box with the most common Q. But you can also go directly to’s support line and ask Frequently asked not only about this product but also all the other products as they are behind.

Landing Page Monkey Price

We start at $ 49 and the big package for $ 69 it is the price I would be willing to pay for a new theme, for example, WordPress that I work f.
But the first thing I encounter is the clock that says that I have some time to buy to get it for this price, is for me a turn turn-off
Not feel I am quite ready to build landing pages. So I’ll just have paid for software that I do not know when I’ll want to work.
If they raise prices to double so, I must say that it is too expensive compared to what you can get funds for the money.

My Final Opinion of Landing Page Monkey

How it workAs I said, this is a product that I strongly want to consider adding my online travel. It will fit very well into my webinar approach to WordPress.
Where I have a bit of the report is to walk a product which is a superstructure to create their websites. I find it tough just to recommend that you start using it until you have learned to work with your context.
For me, this is an excellent opportunity to create some unique pages. It is also for the more experienced online marketer.
But it’s not a product you need to have in your collection if you are brand new online. Ok course you can buy at a later date begins to create pages from here. I see it a bit like when you reach a point where you need to have a Pro theme for your website.
Let me make it clear that the important thing is that you can create the context as Google can find.
This kind of individual pages is best suited to generate clicks from paid traffic.
For example, it is, absolutely brilliant if you have written an online book that you want to sell or give away.
It can also be a video series that you want to sell. Yes, even physical products will also be an option.
But in general, it is, mostly based on that you want to run some mail campaigns that you can bring back to some affiliate products or some that you have created.
The way Jeremy and Simon is working on.
When you buy a product from their shelves as they have, I do not know how many bonuses from older products that you get with the package.
It may seem overwhelming much if you are just getting started with working online.
But on the other hand it is a part of the starting line at all, yes it is a part of it as you meet no matter what kind of business you plan to start.
Most of us do not need to own so many different tools that we only need them as our pick for utilities to generate traffic to our products.
There are many methods you can generate traffic.
I think it’s vital to choose a way that you can then test.
Let me enumerate some of your options up here.
Organic traffic, email marketing. Social marketing, what about the videos, here webinar also be part of your tactics.
So you can see that if you need to be focused and create traffic in all these ways then your days too short.
What I would explicitly recommend that you think about in the first place is to get yourself a website and an education in how you put it together.
I built my pages with the education that you can read more about here. ”
Yes, it is, free to get a website here but there are infinitely much more than just getting a page.
What about learning how to build it up.
What about getting feedback on your work.
What do you say to the support of thousands of other members 24/7
What about learning to create the context so you can make it appear in the organic search.
What do you say to get the first ten lessons completely free of charge?
Yes, I will have no other information than you need to provide to test the system. Namely, no credit card out of pocket.
Try it for a week and learn how to build a real online business up.

Landing Page Monkey at a Glance …


Overall Scam Rank: 30 out of 100


Legit productAs I said, earlier this is where a step further.
If you are brand new online, so you invest in a future project.
I see the two men as being stable and persistent online, this software is one of their better products that can save you a lot of time when you reach a point where you need to create dedicated landing pages.
I have just invested in it to build them in the future.
I am good enough keener to create information from this side at the moment. Another funny thing is that when you work with texts, so you never know which one that.
Similarly, when you create this kind of landing pages, so you know not which one convert and which one will not make it.
Therefore, your context is always the most important. When you can get readers either in social media, which is hard compared to what many claim.
Or you get readers from the organic search. As I see as the last visitors to your website.
It is a reader who themselves have found you.
But to have a tool that gives slightly different design than the traditional that you have on your website.
Do you like a bit and it can be either a great success or you must find a new page that you can split test.
Internet marketing and learning it is not a process that happens from day to day.
You will not succeed just by creating landing pages.
You have to build a foundation first. A foundation in a subject that interest you.
For a website is not just a sales page it on many hours of work.
It on that you will build trust from your readership.
It is something that I recommend you to use to learn first.
Now you ask ok enough how.
Only look at how and where you can learn it.
Use your time wisely you have a week to find out if it is something you want.
You can always buy Pro themes and landing page tools later on.
The most important thing is that you are motivated and are aware that you have to work for it.
Are you feeling so let’s meet on the other side?
If you have questions or just want to know more, let’s take the discussion below in the comment box.
Otherwise, we’ll see you on the other side.
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4 thoughts on “What Landing Page Monkey Can it be used Or

  1. Thank you so much for your product review on landing page monkey. It just so happens that last evening I was reading about this plugin and not fully understanding what it was or what is was for? You have really given me the full understanding of what the product entails.. For me right now, I’m not in need of this product. Maybe as time goes by I may need to look into it again, depending on how my site progresses. Thanks so much for taking the time to spell out the inter-workings of landing page monkey! I am bookmarking your site, to check back often to see what else you can teach me.. Thanks again! Debra

    1. Thanks Debra! I use it even now.

      But if you’ve written a book or created a video series. Here you might need this kind of tools. When we are used to working behind the page that you are with WordPress so it is quite different to work directly on the front.


  2. I think Landing Page Monkey is really awesome. Vey soon, I am going to need some landing pages for my website and I will consider using it after I have done a thorough comparative study with other offers. I also agree with you that these landing pages are not for newbies or those who just started their websites. One need at least 20 or more articles and have some organic traffic before installing landing pages. And moreover, the need to have some basic knowledge of CMS website developing before one use landing pages. Wealthy Affiliate is, no doubt, the best training platform.

    1. Hello Kipps!

      Thanks for the comment. I work on this side of wordpress. I guess that it is the system that you use. with wordpress working you back end. and that is that you do not work directly on the front.

      This software can be installed in connection with wp and gives you the opportunity to work directly on the front. It is not imperative to create landing pages in a different way than you do now. It you get the opportunity here is to work more directly with the design.


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