What Is Clickbank University About ? Scam Or Legit

imageI’m going to dig a little deeper into the subject.
And try to illustrate what I mean Clickbank University is all about.
I must also say that I’ve finally reached an online product that does not promise you quick profits from day one.

My Clickbank University Review

I must say that I have only taken the 7 day trial for dollars.
But even here on the fifth day, I learned a lot of things that I did not already know.

Name: Clickbank University
Website: http://www.clickbank.com/university/mobilejoin.html
Price: $ 47 per month Upsells: $ 297 / year, the premium membership is $ 97 a month or $ 797 annually for premium membership
Owners: Justin Allen, Adam Horwitz and Matt Hulett
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Clickbank University Product Overview

imageIt is an online school that actually teach you how to build your business up with Clickbank products.

Later in the proces they teach you how to build your own info products, you can create your own affiliate network around.

What I think is a really good start.
Is that you get served your training in small packages.

When I started with my favorite online site.
There I actually got the chance
to see how the course ended.
Which only did that I was even more crowded with information.

Let me start by telling you a little about Clickbank first.

It’s an a Affiliate network where you can sell other people’s products online.
You can also sell your own products there.

If you start work with CBU.
You learn how to build your own info products for Clickbank.
You get all kinds of help and tools.
You are taught every little detail that is good and thorough review of all the tools.
But beyond that you will receive training in many research levels.
I am in the process of testing the first week of training for dollars.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

It is a serious educational platform online.
You can open only one module at a time, you will not be filled with information when you are new.
You get tools that help you to build and test your own info products.

The Bad:

Unfortunately not disclosed much about the organic traffic in search engines. So you will need, to learn to write good context.
I thought that even if it contains very good workout, then $ 800 a year, a little too expensive.
I have not met the owner in the member area yet and I’m afraid it will be a little static in length.
Not including a host for your websites. I see this as a big minus

Who is Clickbank University For?

It is for anyone who wants to build an online business via Clickbank.
Here are training modules for all levels.
Are you brand new online, you start out whit a series of beginner lessons.
I think it’s great, you can not open the next lesson until you have completed the one you are doing.
You learn quite simply from scratch, how to build you a legal online business.
The more experienced actually learn to make their own info products.
Which I think is one of the most ultimate to.

Clickbank University Tools & Training

imageHere is a range of training modules for all levels.
Here are both experienced but also an entirely new line.

As in many cases would otherwise end up having to buy all sorts of less good courses containing piles of additional sales.

A webinar once a week so you continue to be updated.
About all the things that are thinking about when you work online.

I know from the place I was even working that it gives me new life and inspiration.
It is simply a huge boost to my thinking, learning and motivation.

Clickbank University Support

Unfortunately, I have met some other members outside the CBU who have complained that there is not quick answer enough.

This is something you need when you are doing online business.

I think that is a very good forum, there are many members who share their experiences.
I’m realy miss a live chat where I can get help 24/7.
You can read more about here. How you Can get That kind of support.

Unfortunately There is not direct cash with the owners in the everyday. Inside the member forum.
But I think there is a good general thread in the debate there.
What I miss a little is to meet the owners in the everyday.

It also seems a bit like that Not really is no critical thread in the debate in the Forum.
It may in the long term well help to smother a good debate.

Of course there must be rules for what we can write to each other and which link you may send to other Members.

But removing a critical debate unfortunately can do that people do not really learn from each other.

It is also one of my reasons for having chosen slightly different way to build myself and my online purposes up.
I can ask freely and I can do it 24/7.

Clickbank University Price

It annoyed me a bit that there are additional sales up to almost $ 800 a year.

You must also find a host for your websites and this is a point where you can come to change the host.

Since many of the major hosting companies have relaxed a little on their service level.
So roughly you get an annual expense of approximately $ 1,000 and it can easily be done cheaper and with much more personalized support.

Where I get my online training that you also have a host for your wordpress blog.
Are you premium you can build as many websites as you want to have.
There is also a free part where you actually get 2 sites and 20 lessons.

But then you have not the same tools and training to build your own Clickbank info product.
But generally speaking, I thought that you get a lot of valuable lessons for the almost $ 800 a year with CBU.

My Final Opinion of Clickbank University

Overall, I thought it is a good, solid place to learn, to create a business online.
But also for us who has a website and a foundation is a lot of new information to work with.

I really like to learn how to build my own products.

I will definitely work towards creating either a member’s page on Danish or other help product.

But however you do not learn to master keywords and learn how to write context is a big minus.

You need to have a platform where you can train yourself from.
CBU is not the worst place to start and continue your education.
But you do not have a host for your websites is a big minus in my world.

I have one of the most secure wordpress hosts you can get.
If it is not the most secure.

I also seemed to $ 800 a year is a little expensive.
When I have a better and more vibrant platform for the work that really needs to be done if you want to be successful online.

Yes I get it for $ 359 a year.
I have also, as we also wield enormous room for my websites.
I could create as many I like, and I can choose between 1400 themes.

Something I also thought missing here is a basic respect for search engines. CBU does not use much energy on SEO.
I think is an important cornerstone of your foundation online.
One last thing that I found missing here is that there is a good thread among members, it seems like it is dying out slightly.
It may eventually cause a problem for your education, you must wait for answers every time you have a question

Clickbank University at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 25 out of 100


imageI love the idea of ​​making my own info products.
Learning to operate the paid traffic to my products is also a really good thing to learn.

But I just feel that I would eventually come to miss my preferred place to work. If I was being consummated member of CBU.

imageBut it is as I said, a matter of still and how you will work online. I know from personal experience how instructive it is to have a weekly webinar and how much extra inspiration it provides although it does not address the point I have reached in my education.
I felt really comfortable with it I was in at CBU last week.

It is as I said, not my preferred platform, but I can definitely recommend that it is something you take a look at if you want to learn how to be successful online.
If you work with CBU or want to know more about what I’m working with so give me a comment below and I will get right back to you.

Remember to give me a share and Like so your network also can form an idea of ​​what CBU is.


About Steen

Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

4 thoughts on “What Is Clickbank University About ? Scam Or Legit

  1. Hi Steen,
    This seems like a good training platform, although quite expensive when compared to other online training platforms. Perhaps you pay more for the training related to producing a your own product.
    I would have thought for the price everything would be included, yet you have to pay for hosting. CBU seems to be more oriented towards producing your own product as they don’t deal with keyword research or SEO.
    The platform you mention, that costs $359 per year with hosting included seems a much better proposition, especially for someone who is interested in just affiliate marketing.

    1. Thanks Peter!
      Yes it is expensive compared to other online training programs.
      But I fell a little is how much life there is in CBU S website. It is set well together. Member area area is very lively.
      There are many training modules also.
      But when it must be said. So it is something like Clickbank itself should have released instead to parcel it as an affiliate program.
      If ClickBank is inter ace in teaching people sell.
      It should be be a part of their affiliate program.
      Whereas if you choose Wealthy Affiliate then you have a business for almost one third of the price of CBU.
      With WAU (wealthy affiliate) then you have so much training that it will take you several years to go through it all.

  2. Hi Steen,

    I thought ClickBank University appears to be an impressive training site. Watching how Adam and Justin talk about their ClickBank success makes me feel that they are quite experience in the field and their mentorship. But spending $800 is way beyond my budget for a start-up. I still prefer the training site at WA where you get to learn and run your online business at the same time at the fraction of the price.

    1. Thank you Cathy!
      I have not yet met anyone who really have success with Clickbank.
      Although I have met many websites claiming to be the case.
      What I and especially after I wrote this review has learned that it is very difficult to withdraw its affiliate commission from clickbank.
      What the fine print, for example, that you should have generated a sale in a minimum of 4 researching just countries.
      CBU has a beautiful and informative website and it lacked just now that it is associated with Clickbank.
      I totally agree with you here that it is too expensive to pay 800 spiers year to be a member of a system that really should be free for those who use Clickbank to create business with.
      So it may well be that here is a lot of valuable information.
      I good enough to say that you get more out of the free membership at WAU which also gives you a few websites to work with.

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