What Is Affiliolabs

AffiliolabsI drop over the latest online money making a program in social media.
The link came up in one of the groups I have joined Google +.

Although I have not been able to move forward on the website I will try to describe a little bit about my experience. So what is affiliolabs? Let’s get started

 My Affiliolabs Review

Name: Affiliolabs
Website: http://www.affiliolabs.com/
Price: $ 37 a month or $ 297 a year
Owners: PJ Gahagan
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

Affiliolabs, Product Overview

Inside AffilolabsI think that PJ Gahagan has tried to create an affiliate training platform, where he will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.
First, there is a four-stage basic course.

Then learn scars make landing pages
Those you obviously also have traffic, so PJ has some guerrilla techniques you need to learn.

I have an idea that most comes to paid campaigns
Of course, you also need to get to find a profitable niche that you can build your landing pages around.

Then you need to start learning forum marketing. I think so.

I can not quite identify what the next step is. But I guess we are going to move us into the social media.

Surely something with groups and fan pages. Now we come to email marketing. Here, PJ plainly teaches you to create your campaign.

You are going to connect your landing pages with your autoresponder. Now you need to learn to write some excellent and caught emails.

It seems that he has some piece of software that can help you create your email campaign.

I have not found out about here is an actual member forum. If PJ is dangerous, I am sure that it is something he will build on in the future.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

I never got a confirmation of my sign up, so I will not waste my time to join me out again.
PJ is right to a great deal of work to do as the Affiliate is to describe the products.

The Bad:

I can not find any real information on the website, so I have no idea whether it is proper training or if it’s just once Scam.
When I see his videos on how much money he can earn in record time, I get an intense feeling of having wasted my time again.

Who is Affiliolabs For?

PJ created this website to catch the new line.
If you have experience online, so it is a very long time since you’ve used these tactics, and you’re much more conscious of what it is the search engines want

Affiliolabs Tools & Training

He holds a weekly webinar for its members, but they as busy.

You simply no replay if you did not have time to see the current week.

Although I have not had the opportunity to check the members area, and not been able to find some members who have put a video up about what you show in the members area.
I had a little difficulty to give a decent description of what you encounter there.

But in most cases with similar pieces of training they tend to contain some brief details on the pdf or directly as a blog post with a short video.

When I look at his Facebook page, so it works not as if there is another activity than that he proclaim when there is a new webinar up.
There are not so many that comes back fans.

Affiliolabs Support

If there, in general, is a kind of support is hard to say. I sent an e-mail when I failed to get on to the site.

It’s has been three days, and I still have not gotten a response.
I am by now little doubt there are some active people behind the project.

Affiliolabs Price

$37 a month is expensive when I take into account that there is a host for your website.

Or more importantly is not a forum for members.
I know that it is a relatively new program but missing here is simply too much of it is some money worth at all.

In addition to that I have not met an affiliate program that belong to the website.

My Final Opinion of Affiliolabs

Only VideoFirstly, I know enough to the Affiliate marketer to know that there is something called quick commission.

If you know what you’re doing so, you can build a website that bother a little bit of income for a few months.

But to put it bluntly, you will find it difficult to create a money troublesome setup online over a week as PJ he says you can.

If that were the case, there would be much more of us who were able to create a decent with the career from day one.

PJ shows us only researching just accounts where he earned money. For me, it’s not an excellent start with a new program.

When I see only earnings and not encounter any real plan for how I make money, then get it my alarm bell to call very sharply.

Affiliate marketing I believe has a great future online.
But you have to have a good base.

If I have to be honest, I do not think PJ has the competence required to give his students a proper base online.

What I based my argument on is that he talks about landing pages and email campaigns
First, you can use all your articles and menu pages as landing pages.

From here you can direct your readers on to a sales page or a similar article.
He talks about that there is a software that can help you create some good email campaigns.

But your readers will likely soon find out that it is not the text that are made by you.

In addition to that it’s not all products where it makes sense to use a newsletter campaign.

As you can read my position is that you have to create you a foundation that is solid if you will eventually generate an income online.

You can read more about how I build my websites up.
It is a college online with many members who are ready to help you.

The thing that PJ mentioned here I would say that you get a whole new perspective on when you have your curiosity.

Are you interested in affiliate marketing? So you can read more here about what’s going on.

Unfortunately, I can not see PJ as an authority online. His Facebook fan page has almost no members.

He has virtually no material put up in either the organic search or on youtube.

Affiliolabs at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 85 out of 100


Click to begin a Real online jerney
Click to begin a Real online jerney

Probably the worst affiliate training program I have ever met. I doubt it at all works.

I have both written me up to his mailing list and the træningsprogramet but have not been able to get into the members area.

So I have come much doubt here really exist any exercise program.
Or we just talking about a website with nothing but some link does not.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to get started so you can learn more here about how I networks and working with my website.

Here, as I said many hours of teaching.
Much more than you would be able to reach. So peep it out and let’s meet on the other side.

Are you involved with affiliolabs? Will I mighty like to hear about your experiences
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