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250 Cash MagnetGlynn is an old favorite that I’ve written about before. Now he’s gone from Facebook to YouTube with its new 250 Cash Magnet. I spent the day yesterday on testing the program. I will objectively try to give you my honest opinion here.

My 250 Cash Magnet Review

Name: 250 Cash Magnet
Website: http://250cashmagnet.com/live1.html
Price: $ 6.53 Add to this the additional sales are always inside the members area
Owners: Glynn Kosky friend of Jani G
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

250 Cash Magnet, Product Overview

Small member areaWe need to work with the free traffic that you can generate from youtube. Yes, we must indeed learn to make our videos.
We need to learn about keywords, and we should also have learned how to create an e-mail series. Sensibly not, I think it sounds excellent.
Now that it’s Glynn we must also learn to write us up at various affiliate networks. Clickbank and some others.
We must learn to hide our affiliate link, for there is none of us likes to get an affiliate link served directly.
But unfortunately I have a small problem here, I’ve had down in my spam folder to find the product.
So we are back to where you need to have installed an autoresponder, Aweber is the only one that allows you to use an affiliate link to send directly to your recipients by mail. But, unfortunately, so that most mail systems consider it as spam and your mail will never reach people’s inbox but hit their spam folder.
Sure, you can hit their inbox if you send the link to your youtube video.
But it is in short what this program is all about.
Ok so you get of course a lot of bonuses for example, already contains an I wrote about a month ago.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

There is no doubt that you can get traffic to your link from youtube.
I have great fun with creating videos themselves; it is a plus for me that this is what you need to learn here.

The Bad:

When I look at how many people have seen these videos so I have a little hard to see how you can learn to get a lot of viewers to watch your videos.
Video on Youtube and other video channels are never safe passage ill at random affiliate link

Who is 250 Cash Magnet For?

BonusI do not know if it’s because I have a grudge against Jani G and some of the other products he is behind. But many of them have so far faded very quickly.
It has happened to me is that I quickly after I have gone through the training and installed whatever it may have been
of information which they have given so, I have sat with an empty feeling that I knew it in advance.
But let’s talk a little about who I see as the winners here. I have, as I said not learned anything new here, I know how important keywords associated with getting your videos seen on youtube.
I also know how important it is that you keep your channel very specific to your niche. I am a great supporter of videos but do not see them as a shortcut to more traffic; I see them as a supplement to my already existing context here on this website.
For me, they help to give my readers a better understanding of what I have written.
But to believe just by one hour of work per day to produce video can earn up to $ 500 a day is to shoot very high.
As briefly described, you have an affiliate blog and promoting affiliate programs make money then you can well take this with too.
For you are going to serve it from the additional sales that will certainly pop up inside the members area.

250 Cash Magnet Tools & Training

A member area where you have 12 short videos available. You also get some of the older products as a bonus. But to call it a member area where you can connect with other users will probably be a bit of an exaggeration, with this product. You get what you pay for here.
Unfortunately, it is only sufficient enough to make you wasting your time here.
If you want to carve out a living online so you can select video as a traffic source, I have even explored video as part of my context. There are several ways you can choose to work online but you need a base, and it may very well be your youtube channel. But it requires much effort and support from peers, and there is not anything here.
So instead of wasting your time with Glynn products and I will show you my motives for making this blog. Teach me to know here

250 Cash Magnet Support

I think now that Glynn mean well once you purchased the product. Write to him and I’m sure he will come back to you. It did Jani G when I had bought one of his workouts. Well, enough of an answer which contained some additional sales.

250 Cash Magnet Price

$ 7 is certainly not a fortune. But the information within the members area is not earth-shattering.

My Final Opinion of 250 Cash Magnet

This is Scam
Click to begin a Real online journey

Why spend time writing about a cheap online product which is not very valuable. I am very interested in video marketing, but I also know how much it takes for you to make use of it.
Here we talk not only an hour a day. You can get many viewers if you are original and you use the right keywords.
But to involve affiliate link directly in your description or your reports are if you ask me directly clumsy and stupid.
It is also whether you save them or routes them as you learn here in this exercise. Something else that the two men always sell their products with a lot of silly talk about how much money they earn on their so-called secrets.
You can either 250 or $ 500 a day unless you like a real authority in your niche.
The training is truth worth the money if only the $ 7 you have to pay for it if you do well and feel is entirely blank about online business.
But you’re not going to make a difference to anyone if you just implement what you learn here. Maintained you can then be lucky and find a good phrase and get a certain number of viewers to your videos.
The way you search for videos based on keywords in the same way as the organic search it.
You create many videos you also get some interest around your channel.
But just try to think just a little logical if you just put a video up and then direct your viewers to an affiliate link. What do you think when you click for more information and will to a sales page.
Do you feel so that they come back to your video?

250 Cash Magnet at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100


The reason I have not Sablet this down is solely price. You get some very useful information if you even do not know anything about video marketing.
But yes I come with, but you can not under any circumstance create an income by working an hour a day online.
Not if you only use the information you get here. You have to have an entirely different approach to creating a business whether it is affiliate marketing which is what I write about, or whether it is a service or whether it is a physical product that you intend to sell.
So is it to create an income a full-time project which often takes years just to make a small profit.
I want to show you what it takes to also without having to pay to get a glimpse. You can read here “how you can build your foundation online I will not show you check or bank statements with a lot of high amounts.
My earnings are private just like yours are.
If you are prepared to work hard to achieve your goals, and you have a long-term plan with it, then there is no limit to how far you can drive.
Just be aware that if it is as easy as Glynn trying to convince you in here, then we would all be millionaires.
Let me hear your opinion on this tool. I would like to have discussions with you below.
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