Audello Review broadcast your selfe and take it to The next level

Name: Audello
Price: $ 294 including commercial license
Owners: Josh Bartlett
Overall Google Rank: 1 out of 10

Audello, Product Overview

imageYou get a software which actually has all the tools you need to begin creating podcasts.
Simply you buy a tool to build your own online radio channel.

Here’s editing tools so you can charge your jingles before and after the broadcasts, here is also the opportunity to charge live.

You can also edit your sound and mix the different effects you want in your podcast.

This could be an interview over Skype you can charge and broadcast live while you are in the air.

It’s only you who choose what your recordings should be about.

As Internet Marketer is a truly a powerful tool. You are able to build your context-up as audio files that people are able to download to their mobile devices.

Now you have the purpose to market a product.
Many also use it just as a hobby.
The process is the same you have to have two different hosts.

It gives you a really great game that when people have signed up to your feeds, and get everything new what comes from you directly onto their devices.

As I see it, it is a very strong additional traffic source for your context.
If you like me just write context.

In the tool itself, you also get some WordPress themes that you can use when you build your online platform.
Here are various buy buttons for the different products you trade.

You can surely make using a website where you have context on in advance.
Your audio files may well support your context.
Now you are thinking enough what do I need a website when I want a radio station.

But you simply need to have a platform where your listeners can download your audio files from, and when you get new listeners, it is also here that they signed up for your feeds.

So like with us usually look only writes our context then you should have an online base somewhere on the web where your followers can act and perhaps buy your products there.

imageSimply having a host both your wordpress website but also one for your audio files. Whit This toolYou can also manage some of your setup.
So you get it all somewhere more central
The tool have also some different formulas that your listeners can either buy from or write up and hear the news from you.

Here are also tools that easily helps you to charge your mp3 files both to iTunes but also the other places you can charge your audio recordings

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

You have it all together in one package.
It also works on mobile devices so you can actually have your recording studio with you wherever you go.
Your listeners get anything new from you automatically if they have signed up to your feeds
You save time by having it all together in the same place.

The Bad:

There’s a lot to learn.
The quality is not so good if you really mean it. Here you need a real recording studio

Who is Audello For?

I would not recommend that this is where you start to make your context.
Since it is a little more extensive production you are going into.
Whatever you can even record your context and manner as teach you to speak to a microphone.

See here where I have learned to build my context and my internet base up.
But if you already have an online business, This is certainly something you should consider going into.

Just as you should start making video which belong to your context.
I will simply say that it is to go one step further to make podcast.

And you hit simply down to the point where your readers have the opportunity to listen to you instead of reading what you write.

But it is certainly a step further but you must be sure of yourself and already have a foundation online

Audello Tools & Training

imageThere is a video at each point you bring up.
So every time you reach for something new, then you have an instruction in what to do.

It is easy to follow, but it would for your shots do not come by itself.

Audello Support

Here’s a support line if there is something not quite work like it should.
In addition to this is where a member forum with the most frequently asked questions.

I have also met members who invite to Google hangouts so it also shows that there is a certain unity users in between

Audello Price

As long as they keep the overall price of $ 294 it seemed to me that it is extremely reasonable. I have not met some attempts to sell additional products to me.

It also gives me the idea that this is actually a great and useful tool.

My Final Opinion of Audello

I can always find a negative thing but I think actually the first technical problems will always be there.

I’ve had a glitch with my sound on my PC, but here on my iPad it has gone ok.

For me here a lot to learn but I must say that, my last 3 days with podcast has been really exciting.

I am very pleased to get started.
I also just got used to, it is a whole different way of working with my context.

As producing video requires some time to learn the technical, but also to read aloud into a microphone. It is a barrier you have to overcome

I would say it’s not something you need in your marketing, you can easily make do with expanding your context on your website and still get your web space.

I thought it’s fun, but also a development of myself as a person.
So to begin, it is a perfectly fine tool.

When I get better, I can already say straight out that in the long term is not enough the quality that I can get here

Audello at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 20 out of 100


imageYou can find the various tools more or less free.
But to have it all organized a place is definitely worth the money.

You get a tool you can certainly start out with and when you first begin to have consequences for your podcast.
Then you have them assembled and erected in a clear way.

I know how important it is that my plan to organize myself on is some of the most important.
If I want to build my online business great.

It’s also hard to build something nice if everything around you mess
But as I said it is the slightly more experienced to be plunging into the podcast.
My base is my blog here. You will definitely hear both podcast, but also meet me on video in the future.

If you like my review of this software then you mighty like to share with your friends.
Or do you have a comment so let’s take the discussion below I’ll mighty like to hear your opinion on the subject


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2 thoughts on “Audello Review broadcast your selfe and take it to The next level

  1. Steen,
    This was a thorough review of Audello. It sounds like a useful tool for serious bloggers. I’m not sure if I’m at a point where this would be useful to me, but I will certainly keep it in mind for future reference. Thank you for providing insight into the pros and cons.

    1. I would not quite say that I recommend you start with buying Audello, because I think it’s a lot of money to spend on a piece of software.
      But there are also other ways you can train your voice and learn to edit your podcast.
      The methods are quite free.
      But have you trained and become ready for the next step you have here a software that can collect all your podcast and organize your gear in a very easy way and the editing tool is actually really good to use.
      But to create podcast is a bariere to be broken like it to create video

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