Free Online Chats ” Don’t Spam

Have you thought about how powerful tool chat is?

It’s not just social media using a chat function, many online tools, for example hosting company are using live chat to live support.

Major corporations use for sale or to create contact whit you in the first second to get a sale.  Telephone companies use it too, albeit in a slightly limited version.

But what I want in on with this post is a little bit about social media and what and how to use chat program that

Screenshot_2014-01-07-23-03-17(1)Social media network chat.What is social media without a chat box

Facebook has a remarkable functioning chat feature where you can both chat as a group but also privately with your online friends.

It’s easy to stay organized when everything you write together will work with your messages.

You can also participate in group chat; only the problem is that it often becomes very disorganized. People, unfortunately, have a tendency to involve others which have no bearing on whether they want it.

Screenshot_2014-01-07-22-43-11(1)Google+ also has a kind of chat which will also be organized through your messages or hangouts as they call it.

I use self-google+ most at the moment when I found them at some points has overtaken Facebook.

I have not had the chance to try Hangouts yet with more participants,

I have only experienced it on Skype, which I see as the best place where you will not be disturbed by other things that come up.

Skype is probably the program where you are closest to his fellow man you can also call video over the Internet here too.

It is also a program that has been in use for a very long time and me it has been a superb tool to use for online meetings as you can both send files and link like can download ace on the different computers.

And you can be more connected to at once. One good thing is that you can have it on when you are online but can send a signal that is not there.

Screenshot_2014-01-07-15-11-10(1)  Free chat app when Using mobile apps

A new thing that has come along with the new generation of mobile phones is that you can install apps so you really can keep time in a chat no matter where you are but it’s a whole other discussion.

Your behavior is relevant.

Remember that there are people on the other end and if you have a business, it is more important that you get to know people rather than trying to sell a product or tell your story.

“Remember that the people you are also writing to have a history try to get them to tell their before coming forward with what you want to say.”

Whether you are doing articles or writing in the chat, it is important that you write has an absolute value, and there is weight behind your work if it is something that interests you,

I can show you a free way to build yourself up to initially

Have you used a chat program to meet other people and you have some thoughts on the subject so toss a comment below I would love to have either your question or attitude to use chat to discuss.

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  1. Good concepts here, thanks for the posts! Its important not to spam on the social medias, it does not help anyone, particularly yourself.

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