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Get a NetworkI have made some posts earlier where I have described a bit about starting my own business.

There are so many different industries that I do not want to get into how you start just the kind of business you want to deal.

What I want to talk about is to network.

I often encounter resistance in my private network, especially when I get a new crazy idea.

But there are not any ideas that are crazy, the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll never be sure if it’s a good idea or not.

Many of us feel a blockade from friends and family when we fly a new idea, especially if it’s not the first time that an idea for a project has come.

Get a ideaI can not help getting new ideas all the time.

Yes, there is not a day where I do not think of a new approach to either something I’ve tried before.

Or something new that I would like to do with that one day.

But still, there is far from thought to action.

That is why I work with context.
It allows me to air my ideas even if they only end up on the paper.

I talked to a young man some time ago, and he learned that one should never vent his ideas to anyone.

Now think if there was someone stole the idea.

But believe me it does not happen, and if that happens, then it’s sure that you’ve hit right.

Suppose we move in the same industry, who has more knowledge in this sector than your competitors?

Global networkOf course, they will in some cases give you some advice that fits better into their world than it does in yours, but the more thorough you are in your analysis of the situation, the better equipped you are also two separate things.

Yes, they are a really good place to start if you listen to what they are saying and ask them, then you can go there with a lot of knowledge about what you can do.

Mainly what you can do better than them.
Here it is essential to be critical of what you.

In many other cases, only you have a specific idea and desire to implement it.

Although it may only be exciting for you, I will guarantee you that you can get excellent feedback on it from other entrepreneurs.

Here you should also be willing to look at your fellow men’s ideas.
So that somehow gets a little balance in things.

If you are in a group of people who each have their idea they will have tested in a forum.

But no one will give feedback to each other.
Yes, there is no forum here.

It will be very fast for one-way communication to no communication.

When you find such a forum, whether online or offline, I have a rule of thumb that says that before you ask for a review of your idea, you should help at least three others to look at their concept.

I also use that rule when I act in groups in social media.
The problem here is often that everyone just wants to have feedback on their ideas and links

Ok, how do I find someone to a network?

Get freinds onlineHere, where I live, there are several ways to do this, and there are various workshops and lectures of entrepreneurs every year.

I enjoyed the fairs that you can call it as well.

Yes, many people have their concept with and would like to show it to others who have another.

That way, you also have an excellent opportunity to talk to them about your idea and concept.
I’ve done it sometimes and got some excellent relationships that way.

Worldwide there is also an offline medium called Meetup.
Here you also have a great chance to meet people with the same interests as you.

My advice is no matter how far you have reached your mind.
Find some groups here that fit into the niche you want to work.
It may be that it’s not just about the money part.

But here you will find others whom you can talk to about what the meeting is.

I have tested it myself and although it is not always relevant.
Then I’ve met people without sitting behind the screen.

Are they also available online here?
The answer is apparently yes.
You will be able to find groups in social media that deal with your specific niche.

When you apply for membership, I think it’s vital that you first introduce yourself as a person and ask questions at the start rather than just being another link.

I know that in a few niches, especially, make money niches, it’s an almost regular custom that people just post some affiliate link.
But believe me, it’s not a very good way to network.

Find the groups where posting is not allowed unless they are helpful to the organization and its members.

I am part of some Facebook groups who have these rules, and you can feel much freer when you know there is no one trying to pitch some product after you.

Another way I have met people has been in some groups where there is not much action over and above a lot of links is to be active about other people’s presentation.

They will notice it, and others in the group will also see if you give them some feedback on their idea.

So, everyone else in the group will also see that there is one who is a little more interested in anything but just his thoughts.

I do not say it works every time but, I’ve done it successfully in some cases.

Are there other places to find networks than in social media.

Obviously yes MosaicHUB is a form of a network where you can very quickly test your idea.

Find The reigth networkHere you can write to some authors of the posts on the page itself. This network is a little more focused on individual business contacts.

And not so much network in a specific niche. But it’s an excellent way to test yourself and its niche idea.

It sounds like you also have a network Steen, yes I have.
But it is more specific about building websites.

As long as you’re only in the idea stage, I will not start building anything on a website.

But if you are more serious about implementing your idea, you will meet a vast network here.

The reason I say that you should have thought a little longer than just the idea is that there is so much to learn and you will feel very quickly filled with information.

It goes well over time, but in the beginning, you can create some patterns that can be hard to break.

But okay when I talk about networking here you have a safe and very vibrant place where you can answer a substantial part of your online marketing questions.

When I say questions, there are many things that you will learn.
Many things can only with small steps.

Yes, what I am talking about is learning to create traffic for your business, creating a sustained concept that you can develop and build for a very long time.

Ok, what’s your specific network like on Steen?

What we said has our network around is to build their websites or websites in the right way.

Yes, just on a long-term method that follows all the directives that Google puts up.
Here is no hocus-pocus or quick shortcuts.
That’s why I want you to be mentally prepared for what direction you want to drive.

But no need to panic here is so much teaching and a particular host to your pages that you will become a factor online, one that your followers can not completely ignore.

But read here where I have been for almost four years and where I will be finding in the future.

One question for you is how do you use your network, do you have someone to talk or write about your ideas?

I want to know, then write to me in the comments section below and let’s take the debate on networks.

While you’re there, I hope you want to touch one of the social buttons.

About Steen

Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

2 thoughts on “Business Networking For Online Entrepreneurs

  1. I couldn’t agree more, networking is vital to the creation of a great idea. When we read about how a massively successful business came about, maybe the initial draft idea came from an individual, but it was never until that person, very creative but possibly not much focused practicalities, came across an organiser and a more technically oriented mind that the whole winning concept came together.
    Singers meet their success when they meet a producer that want to support them. Painters, writers, poet, all need a second person or a team of people to push them to success.
    Like you, I am up for collaboration. Let’s keep in touch to support each other if you will. You have my email 🙂

    1. Hi Giulia! 

      Thanks for the comment.

       Yes, it is important to find a good network of like-minded people.

       This is where we can learn and develop. I’ve found a lot of networks that I get in.

       Especially when I’m exploring a new niche. 

      So, networking is almost impossible to get around if you want to learn about what’s moving within the audience you’re looking for. 


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