7 Day Cash Money Review “Guess You’re Still On The Fast Money Online.”

imageIf you like the idea of ​​make real money online.
So, this certainly helps you to maintain the dream one more day.


Name: 7 Day Cash Money
Website: http://www.7daycashmoney.com
Price: $ 2.99 for a seven day test, then a lump sum of $ 49.99
Owners: Jean
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

7 Day Cash Money, Product Overview

Here’s an info product with over 300 pages that you can put up with clickbank products and Google Adsense.

There is a lot of training in how to put it together and how you can use all the pages

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • You got over 300 pages already made ready to set up.
  • There are no additional sales that you have to buy to use your pages.
  • It’s easy to follow the instructions, and soon you are ready to Go.

The Bad:

  • The 300 pages are built so they must be used with the free domains that you can get at Google itself, I know how hard it is to generate traffic to a site, I see it almost like an impossible task to generate traffic to 300
  • Context is made for you in advance so you get head no organic traffic on search engines.
  • The pages are not unique
  • You’re going to buy your traffic and you probably should not expect that you get so much traffic on the social media

imageWho is 7 Day Cash Money For?

I see it as a very small investment if you know to work online.

But you are completely new to the Internet can help you get started in an easy and straightforward manner.

You have a setup to build on already first day.
It can give you an idea of ​​what is really needed to build an online business up.

7 Day Cash Money Tools & Training

There is a training video series of short video instructions showing how easily you can go in with Google and download your pages

image7 Day Cash Money Support

There is no or very little support around the product, but how much do you actually get for $ 50.

But she offers her personal assistance even before you bought the package.

But I’m afraid that there is some help in addition to the sides made clear.
But you learn in the videos

7 Day Cash Money Price

I would say $ 50 once is special Not much to get over 300 pages that are made ready for you.

Another thing I also like is that there were nothing extra sales that you need to buy to get the information which has previously promises.

I have unfortunately seen too many times.

I think it is also fine with a trial period of one week for only $ 3 just remember to sign it off before you get drawn in full

imageMy Final Opinion of 7 Day Cash Money

You can not use it for anything other than just get an idea of ​​what it takes to put a hand up.

This is never going to work in reality, I know how hard it is to generate traffic to just one page.

Here you have 300 pages you need traffic to.

None of them can draw organic traffic to when the context is copied.

Neither Google, Bing or Yahoo accepts it.

You never get any side forward on the front.

Then you need to run paid campaigns.

Is it going to cost you a lot of money.

If you really want to learn how to sell products online then you will need more than a day to set it up.

It requires that you really want to create you a long-term plan and that you will work with it every day until you get the traffic to your site which is necessary for people to also click on your advertisements.

Google does not accept that you are using their pages to advertise with any other affiliate products alongside their products.

If that’s what you want, you must own page in full.

I have 2 pages that I personally will be happy to see you build big.

I really want to show you how completely free, and I’d love to help you a long way down the road.

On the other hand, I demand that you really want it and are willing to learn and do the work it takes to

7 Day Cash Money at a Glance …

Name: 7 Day Cash Money
Website: http://www.7daycashmoney.com
Owners: Jean
Price: $ 2.99 for a seven day test, then a lump sum of $ 49.99
Overall Scam Rank: 70 out of 100


For a sum of $ 50 with no additional sales, I cannot proclaim it as a total scam, but it is never going to work and I will guarantee you that you are likely to close your Google Account after a very short time.

Have you tried this product, or would like to know more then drop me a comment below and I will immediately come back with an answer.

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10 thoughts on “7 Day Cash Money Review “Guess You’re Still On The Fast Money Online.”

  1. A couple red flags go off before you even have to dip into the first paragraph of the homepage:

    -7 day cash money, anyone that claims that success can be accomplished in 7 days is using these lies to fool you into thinking this is a reality. It is not.
    -Clickbank screenshots. These are always a good indicator of a scam.
    -Duplicate content is BAD. Mini adsense websites don’t make money. The system is based on these techniques unfortunately, so you are doomed before you even get going.
    -HUGE money claims.

    If your red flags are not going up at this point and you still decide to invest/gamble on this program, you are going to be in for a dark surprise. Unfortunately this program like many others is there to take money from the unsuspecting and preys on the weakness of others. Stay away!

    1. Thanks for the comment Kyle.
      Yes this program is a big red flag unfortunately there are many who fall for the nice words and the large and rapid earnings as promised on the page.
      I myself have been caught up in something similar to this in the past and have had to realize that it’s just not possible to make quick money neme either online or on the street, unless you are prepared to do anything criminal himself.
      The problem with this kind of pages as I see it is that they are clearly in the majority on the net, and that really is no stopping them before they have cheated enough people and has become a threat.
      I had actually even prefer to talk about the good points and places where you can really learn how to build up as an Internet entrepreneur.
      But I must admit that I constantly encounter all sorts of different ways in which it applies more to scam money from people instead of helping them get the education that is necessary for them to succeed as entrepreneurs.
      So I have a little accepted that this is the way some of my articles go and with a little luck maybe someone who read this before buying the product

  2. I read a lot of interesting posts here. Probably you
    spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you a lot of time, there is an online tool that creates unique, SEO friendly posts in minutes, just type in google – laranitas free content

    1. Hello Waylon I know good tool, but no matter how you spin your articles, it will always be only one copy. The only way to write about is the way you learn in school your homework and write about it afterwards.

  3. I’ve decided to take this opportunity and join the program. My problem is that I’ve the debit card instead of credit card. My debit card has the amount you’ve demanded but your website is not accepting it. What should I do now?

    1. hi Faheem reason I have not sent an Affiliate link with is that this is not a product I can neither recommend nor will promote to anyone. I have written this article as a clear warning against it.
      If you are really serious about your online business look what I would recommend that you look at.
      You must abselutly not have your credit card up until you are sure that you will build up a business

  4. Well I too have gotten caught in the dream. To late to get out , I ‘ll have to suck up my loss and call it a day. Thanks for the info any way. Gary

    1. Hi Gary!
      I was even a long time to find out that most of this kind of software only works with the aim to pull money out of our pockets. I hope that you have wasted too much money and time on this program.
      Not to say that you can not use subdomains to something, I use them as test domains.
      But you have to get a completely different education to create a real online business

  5. Hey I just sign up with 7 Day Cash Money. I got a few good reviews and thats why I joined, so sorry I did not get to read your review first. Qestion : Do you think I should ask for my money back before the 7 day is up, I only pay $2.95

    1. Hello Elisia!
      Sorry I have not been a little faster to respond to you. $ 3 is not so much money.
      If you must have them back then you need to find the Affiliate Network which the program is sold and ask for a refund of your money away.
      As I recall it’s Click Sure.
      It can be a little cumbersome but if they have a money back guarantee so you can also get them refunded.
      But what is important right now is that you get blocked credit cards and get written you out of the program itself.
      I have in some cases been simply have to shut my card down to make sure that I do not have to pay any additional.
      So my advice is that you make sure you do not get drawn into additional sales.
      This one Jean is an experienced and driven person who is behind several of this kind of products. So I would keep an eye the next few days

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