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imageMy Advetising Pays Review

Once again, I felt compelled to create a review for an online product that I am really only going to write about this one time.
But I met it in a comment thread on an article I wrote a few days ago. I wrote a little sour message to him that had spammed the thread.
To my great surprise, I got an answer right away.
I’m actually a little tired of finding products that I still do not want to spend energy on working with

Name: My Advetising Pays
Website: https://www.myadvertisingpays.com/
Price: First month is free then they cost different packages between $ 49 and $ 1000 Of course, you also just pay the mandatory $ 19.99 a month to receive your claim.
Owners: Michael Deese
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

My Advetising Pays, Product Overview

To me it looks like a kind of Traffic Exchange, you must click 10 ads a day for qualification to send its own advertisements out and in general to make money on the system.

For me it reminds a lot about Zeek Reward which was shut down for more than a year ago

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • It’s all set up for you so you can easily clear your traffic and your profits
  • There is a part webinar where you learn to use the system
  • I really like presentation it makes me want to start working with it

The Bad:

  • I do not want to have to Locke in every day to surf my 10 pages
  • It’s going to take a very long time before you can get some money back for the inconvenience
  • The people behind the product before stopped by the authority is

Who is My Advetising Pays For?

I would say it is for people who are either new to the Internet and who are desperate to earn their first money.

So it is of course also for those who have a big list of consequences in advance.
And I’m sure the owner laughs all the way to the bank

imageMy Advetising Pays Tools & Training

Here I must say that all you need and also a bit of a large F&Q, a blog forum, facebook groups, and more.

I am pretty sure that you never feel alone with your questions and problems.
In addition it is both video and live webinar where you can get all the information and tools you need

My Advetising Pays Support

Here is a support line you can write to.
I do not know how good it is since I’m not even a part of the program.
But with this kind of program I know that it’s important not to let the user be alone

My Advetising Pays Price

As described, the first month free, but then comes the packages to cost anywhere between $ 49 and $ 1,000 to run a little on the idea that it costs money to make money

My Final Opinion of My Advetising Pays

It’s great set up with some pretty compelling videos are really good at describing how good a product it is.

Yes I was even about to jump into it.

But that page and browse pages to make money is not what I want to do online.
So I might as well earn my money by going to work.

As written earlier, I would not spend more energy on this when I under no circumstance sees it as a real business.

There is not anyone who can build a business on clicking the link, not more than make a little money on it.

As I have said many times before there is no short cut to quick profits so if you would like to learn the best way to build him up as an entrepreneur online and annoy the really good traffic.

So check out here what I have written about how you can learn it.

My Advetising Pays at a Glance …

Name: My Advetising Pays
Website: https://www.myadvertisingpays.com/
Owner: Michael Deese
Price: First month is free then they cost different packages between $ 49 and $ 1000 Of course, you also just pay the mandatory $ 19.99 a month to receive your claim.
Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100

Screenshot_2014-03-16-13-05-28(2)VERDICT: LEGIT / NOT LEGIT

This is definitely in my opinion.
It is one of those programs who is taken down by itself.
There are obviously so many elements that stinks of cheating.

Unfortunately, I am sure that when it happens, there is once again a lot of people who lose money on it.

The owner withdraws definitely out with a good profit.
Besides, I know that you can buy a software which you can build a similar page for about $ 70.

But beyond that, I was a little annoying to slice this post.
As i Whrite before I do not even work on this program.

So I know only what I’ve heard others have described. Give me your opinion below.
I will be delighted to know what you think.

About Steen

Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

25 thoughts on “What Is My Advertising Pays “Do You Need This”

  1. I have not heard of this program. I am going to check it out now. Thanks for alerting us Steen. It always helps when folks like you give the truth about programs that are out there.

    1. Thank Virgie I can not say whether I’m right or not but one thing is for sure that I under no circumstance will even work with it and do not recommend to believe they’re going to make easy money here though Empover Network people write it neither is worth your time and money, I also know that when you are forced to look at advertising so we are certainly not prone to self at all to buy any of it we click. But it may be that I am wrong, has just had a very hard time believing it here

  2. I like the way you have set it out Steen, because it is easy to follow and tells the reader exactly what they want to know about the product.
    It just goes to show, that the scammers are out there waiting to take our hard earned money.
    Thanks for a useful review.

    1. Thanks for the comment Garth
      Yes, unfortunately, I can say that it reminds a lot about Zeek Revard and it was closed down and the owner was sued.
      The funny thing is that here they have the same legal counsel.
      When I dug deeper into the compensation plan I had figured my way to the first free trial month you would have a profit of less than a dollar if you are well marked and remembered that Locke and see your advertisements every day. If you then buy the cheap package you’re going to lose money except the one dollar.
      But you bet the whole one thousand U.S. dollars remember to do what you can within three months, have a surplus of approx. hundred fifty dollars.
      So if you want to work with it every day and recruit new members, it is my opinion that it certainly is not your time worth

  3. Thank you for confirming what I already knew in that My Advertsing Pays is a csam. The review was comprehensive and to the point.

    My Advertising Pays is a Ponzi scheme

    1. Thanks for the comment Lorraine.
      Yes I must even admit that I did not want to start the free trial. I simply can not see that it benefits clicking on advertisements every day, even to what they say you can get in return.
      If you want to make money from home is something completely different tactics are needed.
      I personally would most like to have fingers in the organic traffic from the search engines, which only costs a lot of work

  4. The only part of the review that’s correct is MAP is a Traffic Exchange, where you have to view 10 ads per day in order to earn profits. So if someone thinks they can earn by simply buying a credit pack and upgrade their membership, they’re wrong. I dont even join any of the ads I click on (most of the time I actually dont look at the ads) I never heard of someone having to join an ad they look at on ANY advertisement site and in order to make profits.

    I wouldnt trust the review since there are no comments on MAP Support. But I have a brief comment on the support team. When I got a reply to my ticket about a problem in my account, I got a reply within 1-2 hrs from Mike Deese. the MAP admin. And from reading other ppl’s coments on support, I havent heard anyone saying negative things on the MAP support.

    So yes, if someone thinks MAP is an investment program where you purchase a pack and sit back and do nothing in order to earn profits, then I’d avoid joining MAP in that sense. Since there are no guaranteed profits, it’s not an investment program anyway. Profits vary in ALL advertisement programs actually. It all depends on how much income enters the program by every hour of the day.

    If someone thinks it’s better to make money at an offline job where you gotta spend $50 per day for gas in your car (so you can get to work in order to make money), then I’d recommend not joining ANY online program. Because a person like that refuses to believe its impossible to make more money online in general than you would at an offline job.

    Spending money in order to earn money applies in life, including making money offline. You cant make money offline for free. You either have to pay for gasoline or pay for public transportation service to/from your job every day. The same thing applies not just with MAP but with any program you would consider to be legit in YOUR eyes (if not MAP). You can’t make money off of a legit program in YOUR eyes for free unless you spend some first.

    But if there is a legit program online that has been paying for years and people make profits without even spending one buck, I think everyone reading this would love to know the name of that program. It actually sounds better than MAP and would help millions of ppl quit their day jobs anyway.

    Some people treat scam-like programs as casinos, hoping to get rich quick before the admin runs off in 1-3 months if not a few weeks. Some people are more interested in the legit programs online where they can make a lotta money in the long term. I know which program I’m interested in. And its not the type of program where the admin offers outrageous interest rates and then runs off with everyone’s money in only a few weeks.

    If you’re not interested in getting paid to click ads (which is too easy in itself), then I hope you never join ANY advertising program on the net, including the ad programs that have been paying for a long time. Because buying packs and making profits from viewing ads is how programs like MAPS and Ad Hit Profits work. Of course, at AHP, a good day for profits in there is 20-25 cents per day. A bad day would be 10 cents for a whole day. That goes to show anyone the average amount of daily profits varies in every ad program.

    Whoever said you gotta join the site you’re viewing at MAPS in order to earn MAPS profits is a liar.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jason.
      Let me say I am not under any circumstance Affiliate with this program and I have no intention to become one. I wrote this review because I’m in a completely different thread on a social media was foisted link and the entire sales speech.
      You’re absolutely right there is no real business where you can make money from day one. This requires that you build it with a long term goal.
      I would even say that it can take anywhere between two and five years just to get a profit of your operation. but it does not cost very special building his foundation to an online business.
      This in turn requires that you continue to extend your hand, you are willing to both learn but also to inject what you learn and then do something about it.
      If you see some of the instructional videos as Google webmaster’re doing, then you can see that it’s actually not that difficult.
      The very best plugin is yourself.
      For Traffic Exchange and other places where you get in return for watching advertisements that I firmly believe that it is a waste of time, you build simply not anything on it.

  5. Come on guys – you should be a member before you slam it. I’m a member and love it (it’s actually a little addictive). Here’s the ‘Good – Bad – Ugly’

    Good – yes you buy adpacks but you earn about .40cents per day per pack. It takes less than 5 minutes a day. Once each pack reaches $60 then goes away ($10 profit) but the object of the game is to use that money earned from all of them (it totals all day long) and buy another one (now you are playing with house money). You will only sign up/join/buy an adv that interests you just like watching TV.

    Bad – I can tell ads that have been there a while and learn to skip over them for variety. That can be a little boring but you are watching the ‘yellow button’ to show to move to the next one – they are 10 second and 30 second ads. You can go to jvzoo or clickbank to find something to advertise to make additional income.

    Ugly – Don’t make the mistake I made thinking you can get the snowball rolling by start with 2 adpacks. I would recommend starting at 10 ($1,000) and watch it grow much faster. My morning routine – email, foxnews, d1baseball, uscsports, maps – then take a shower and get ready for the day – easy peasy.

    I would be glad to talk further with anybody if they want to skype ‘wymetto’ for the truth – not trying to sell it – I seek out honest people so I return the favor to others. I like this link but it’s pretty old so when he uses the example ‘a dollar a day per pack’ you know to calculate .40 cents (when they launched big money came in and they are starting to take profits out instead of keep re-purchasing (1200 pack limit)

    1. Of course, 40 cents a day also an additional kind of money.
      And yes it costs money to make money. But the affiliate link that gathers together and put into the program, there’s no one clicks on like you is not particularly interested in some of the other link.
      It may well be that it only takes about 5 minutes a day but frankly what happens if you skip over one day? yes you will get well deferred plan a single day.
      But honestly you build either yourself up to meet the market outside the MAP. in this way.
      Yes you come to length to be able to build a small profit up but your skills will still be the same.
      I see it’s still a bit like a regular job where you have to invest in your salary

  6. Hello to everybody,
    I am a MAP member in Europe. What Jason and Wymetto said is right but both of you have forgotten to underline that with MAPs you do not only earn with Credit Packs but one can make publicity for its own business that will be seen within the program and so everybody that is doing any other business than MAPs, online or offline, can generate ulterior income promoting its own website.
    Today MAPs has over 61000 members and if only one percent of them are bringing a turnback to my other business, it will be a great thing. I already got customers in this way too.
    The support of MAPs is fast but my refferals get direct support from me too because once you are a registered member it must be in your own interest to answer to questions your own people have.
    So, if one really wants to grow he has to do more for it than just ten clicks! The ones that have really understood the potential MAPs is offering, they understood the value they have in their hands!
    One thing is very clear to me – MAPs is NO scam AT all but a real business oportunity for people ready to work for the own success.
    Greatings from Switzerland

    1. Hi Claudia!
      I am very pleased that you can get it to work with MAPS and you’ve got built up a team that you can train and provide support.
      But I still think that the business model is similar to Zeek Revard which was closed down a few years ago. have a good friend who certainly earned money with Zeek and had built a great team up. But still clicking on advertisements that I basically not interested in, have to have to Locke in every day, is certainly not something I would pass as good advice.
      My fear is that the same thing happens as happened to Zeek.
      I clearly have a purpose here on the web.

      1. Hi Steen,
        about advertisement I note that more and more members post their real business, that means for example furniture of wood with real store, clothes with real store, painter and interior design and so on. This is really interesting for promoting the own work and since I got reactions I will go on with it. I have created my own natural product line I shall advertise sa soon as the website is ready and I am sure that who is clicking on it can be interested. In this way and step by step, the nonsence sites shall become of less interest. We as users can change a lot.
        Most people enter into internet every day to play games, see films or writing on social networks (often a lot of nonsence) and they have to login for doing it. All this things don’t create any return. Poeople are going to play in lotteries hoping to match the numbers – a lot of money put in the air and keeping money in banks is today the worst one can do.
        Whish you a nice day

        1. Hi Claudia!
          There are many ways to view its business online, and there are an infinite number of configurations are many business opportunities to find some good and some not so good.
          I distinguish yourself whether you are allowed to promote your business for free all pull Affiliate link down free.
          But having to look at someone else’s advertising to get traffic to my own is not an option in my world. Remember that the other members are not looking for your product, but click your ad to yourself to get clicks to their advertising.
          They’re never going to be your audience. whereas if they find you in the search engines is your product they are looking for.
          You can see I have written this article with a critical eye to the very concept of MAPS and other similar programs.
          MAPS members are not really my audience with this product but it has evolved I’ve got time for a serious debate here and have got a lot of clicks for writing this article about MAPS.
          If you are really serious about your business then I would suggest you to create a website and begin to describe yourself and your product there.
          You will with the right mix of research and keywords get traffic from people who are really looking for your product

          1. Dear Steen,
            first of all, I am not looking at all for new people inside here, there are far better ways to reach that goal and if you have the need to think so, you are free to do it 🙂
            Secondly, you say that you have used a lot of time for this article full of pregiudice without having experienced MAPs and all of its possibilities, not even the concept. Please tell me how you can seriously judge about something you just don’t really know???
            Now you maybe are going to tell me about the connections to the failed program. It may be right but you never failed in nothing you did? Only from mistakes one can learn and doing it better.

            I see from your answer that you are not interested to examine about what you are writing but I ask you for your own best to examine in future deeper and more serious about what you are going to write.

            I wish you all the best!

          2. Hi Claudia thank you for the debate here.
            I know how much your time is worth so I’m really glad that you spend your time. But I have firstly not spent more time at MAPS than I have on other online stores.
            I’m also pretty sure that you know what you are doing online and that you have mastered that this is my personal page where I basically just describe what I see and what I find out before I write the article.
            As also described, I met MAPS in an entirely different debate which was what sent the link. I took the challenge and went to forums and on youtube to find out more.
            My position is still the same. But you’re right, I have not either been a member or have any intention of becoming the

  7. Amazing how gullible people still are to get sucked in schemes like this, ”Banners Broker” all over again and look where they are today.

    These schemes will always for the people at the top, whilst there are mugs to join up.

    1. Hi Billy, unfortunately, this kind of program space, as we all dream of the big win without having to do the work. So for me it reminds both on banner debris, but also very much about Zeek Revard which was closed down a few years ago. As is very clear from the best way to make money here to get others to do the same, of course, is a big bag of money but it will unfortunately always from the last to arrive.

  8. Hi Steen,
    Sorry, but you was wrong when compared My Advertising Pays with Zeek Reward. I saw reviews about Zeek Rewards and it was somewhere between lotto and reverse auction, with advertising. Zeek Reward was connected with many online shops and built strong MLM structure, and it’s more similar to past DubLi reverse auction. I see many Russian people comments that they still wait their money from Zeek Rewards.

    My Advertising Pays is Independent Online Advertising platform with standard advertising rules for the Ads Publisher. It has 3 adverting solutions; all of them are standard PPC ads (banners, pop-up, text ads).
    MAP is not an MLM.
    Also MAP uses Revenue Sharing and Traffic Exchange principles. Here is MAP unique.
    Everyone can advertise own products&program in MAP for free, by using Traffic Exchange panel if register in MAP as a member (for free).
    In additional, MAP’s members can earn, if take part in Profit Revenue Sharing.
    For this they need to buy Credit Packs (you mention above).
    Each Credit Pack is 550+ credits to impressions for own TextAds, which you will assigned to own TextAds to promote your offer.
    CP is not an investment in MAP; members make purchase of impressions for own TextAds.
    But, each CP is an equivalent of one Share in MAP’s profit Revenue Sharing if you want to take part in.
    CP has a deadline and active till accumulates its price + 20% ($60) , and here is point where MAP’s member make money.
    So, if you buy one CP you may withdraw in roughly 12 weeks $60. But, surely none do it.
    All MAP’s members want to increase own ‘share’ in Revenue Sharing, so they repurchase CPs.
    It’s incredible good, when you have more then 50 active CPs, so you may to repurchase new CP near to each day to increase your Share till membership’s level limit (it is) and promote your offer with these impressions.
    When you achieve your level, and keep up number of active CPs, you may withdraw earning money each day. (there are other details to be MAP’s member, I will tell)

    Also Steen, sorry, you was not correct when wrote about price to membership for those MAP’s members, who takes part in Revenue Sharing. But, afraid, my comment will be too big if I explain all differences.

    Important is that money comes to MAP not only from CPs (which buy members), but also from other MAP’s advertising solutions for everyone. I have noted there is no ’empty’ places for banners advertising in MAP. So, MAP is self-contained and independent advertising platform.

    If to see how MAP works you will not find similarity between MAP and Zeek Rewards or BB, for example.
    MAP is unique, transparent and legit.

    1. Hi Olga thanks for the insight.
      I am well aware that Zeek is not the same as MAPS but they still have some of the same legal persons associated. and you must admit that the concepts are very similar.
      I have calculated it like mad but still can not fully enjoy the benefits of that I need in and click advertising every day.
      I can see from your website that you are serious and can not quite understand that you can not build your traffic in a different way.
      I still can not see myself clicking on advertisements which are not relevant for my own behavior online

  9. Thank you Steen for your reply. I’m doing with MAP during two months now and I may say that it’s not difficult at all to see 10 ads. I’m doing my clicks not as a ‘robot’ and I know, that my Ads also are viewed. Traffic works. Opportunity to earn in MAP might be unlimited. With other PPC ads product portfolio, MAP looks very reliable, and I pray it will last many many years. Like Google 🙂

    1. Hi Olga
      Thank you still want to take the debate about online marketing and MAPS as you know, I’m not even Affiliate with very many products yes to say it straight out so I do not feel that I help my readers to send them towards products which I do not even think about it very much.
      I can see that you have a great blog and you write very well. highly enthusiastic I thought actually.
      I just can not quite understand your need to spend time to press advertisements when you are actually able to get your context on page 1 in the organic search.
      Remember that it is where your readers really have searched for what you have written, rather than having to force them to click on your link via MAPS

    2. Hi Olga
      Thank you still want to take the debate about online marketing and MAPS as you know, I’m not even Affiliate with very many products yes to say it straight out so I do not feel that I help my readers to send them towards products which I do not even think about it very much.
      I can see that you have a great blog and you write very well. highly enthusiastic I thought actually.
      I just can not quite understand your need to spend time to press advertisements when you are actually able to get your context on page 1 in the organic search. Remember that it is where your readers really have searched for what you have written, rather than having to force them to click on your link via MAPS

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