Why Do You Need to Create Mobile Friendly Website

When I looking at a website that I have searched in the organic search. I am looking for information.

Unfortunately sometime I meet a lot of pop-ups who can really ruin my experience of being on the website.

But it is not only when I surf from my phone that I feel that way.
You just have to think when we use mobile Devices we have a very hard time clicking away from popup.

I do not Like hitting a banner in the middle of the page, that actually emerges my mobile device to direct me away over to some random business opportunity.

There are also many who have adsense advertisements from Google on their sides and they can also create some confusion linings experience being on the home page that I read.

There is also the buttons so your readers can share in social media.
Some websites have set them up on the left side, so that they overlap the text.
I thought it never stopped compromising my experience.

Let your aim be the very bottom of your articles. Im shure you get more people to act as you want them to.

Now I speak for myself but in many cases I click away to get the information somewhere else, if there is too much noise on a page.

I come as I said, to read what you have written.
If I have to read and click away too many times bother I really do not act the way you would like me to when I am on your website.

Do not have a website yet but would you like to build one.

So you can read here how to get started with your very own First website, it is quite free to begin with.

You’ll even have my help to build it.
All I require is that you are willing to learn and work with it.

imageStatistically, we are looking more for information from our mobile devices but we still have no desire to trade goods with them.

We use them a lot in the time where we are on the road or break from our work. Statistically it is still only about 35% of all transactions online that goes through mobile devices.

Whereas nearly 75% of searches done from our mobile devices. Unfortunately, I am very confident that you will lose many readers if you have too much noise on your side.

We are not yet inclined to buy online on mobile Devices yet. you do not have so big dividends out of trying to sell from your website, that you have had in the past when people were more on their desktop Or computer.

Not saying that we do not become more familiar. With the purchase of mobile devices in the future.
Now you are thinking what can be done?

My idea is that you can create more consequences in the social networks and use your website as a communication tool.

Many of the Apps that you have on your mobile devices are easy to get, and your readers are surely also users of social networks too.

Not that I only consider the social networks as the only traffic source. You certainly can get much more and better traffic from organic search.

But you can certainly much easier getting people to follow you in the social network when they are on their mobile devices.

Remember that it should not only be noise you send out.

As I said, you can still get people to sign up to your newsletter and you can also get them to share your articles in the social networks.

My personal opinion is that you should preferably have your buttons at the bottom of your articles.
When people have read what you have written.

But unfortunately, I meet good websites that are not quite ready to be read on a smartphone.
Many of the websites I look at actually has a lot of good information.

imageUnfortunately I must drag the text back and forth on my device and it does not provide as good an experience, as it could have been if the website was made ready to be viewed on a mobile device.

It’s a pity because I use my device to read and surf and I am also pretty sure that most others are using their smartphone to surf websites to.

If you have a lot of good context, there is certainly hope.
You just need to Convention your page, so your readers do not have to move it back and forth, to read everything you’ve written.

Available is both pay but also good free plugins that can do it for you, if you used a theme that does not look good on a mobile phone.

It is a good idea to see how your theme works on mobile before you start filling it up with context.

Mobile Website Testing You Need To Know How You Page Look

Whatever you can always before you really start working with your website see how it will look on mobile devices, but also on a regular computer.

Here you can see if your theme is ready to be read on a smartphone.

Fortunately it is something, you can do something about if your wordpress theme isnt ready to be viewed on mobile devices.

If you click the link you can have a test by Google. And here you get a very clear picture of how your page function on a mobile device.

If you use Google analytic to oversee your traffic.

imageYou have a great ability to track your traffic also specific from mobile devices.
I see it as a great tool to track my traffic.
I will not go into all the tools that you can use, as Google has made available.

It requires an independent webside just describe the most common features of analytic.

But you can see this video training, that I have built the article over here.
I can guarantee that you get an hour filled with good information.

Both on how to check whether your page is ready to be viewed on mobile. But also how to track your traffic. And make it more targeted for use on all the different devices we surf on the web.
To learn more about how and where I build my website ready to be read on mobile devices so throw me a comment below.

If you like what I write, you mighty like to share it on your social network.


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12 thoughts on “Why Do You Need to Create Mobile Friendly Website

  1. Excellent advice on the importance of having a mobile freindly website. I’ve gone over a lot of info about this recently as I was worried my site would not fit into the bracket. Turns out google has a simple tool that allows you to check your url easily for mobile problems. It seems that most wordpress sites are already mobile freindly 🙂

    1. Thanks Chris! Yes,

      I think actually wordpress have seen it coming and slowly been updated and made almost all themes ready mobile devices. If they have been made aware that there are several plugins that can do it for you.

      Those who I think have the biggest problems are those who have coded their websites.

      They have much work to be done. We are lucky that we both have wordpress platform.


  2. Hi there,

    Great article , I really enjoyed reading it even If I already have a website. Your content is very helpful with plenty of awesome information.
    I made a promise to myself that the day I will create a website I won’t ever use adds because every time I was reading an article no matter where in Google I found adds really annoying.
    I also want to share with you that I am a member of WA for more than a year and that I am really happy .

    Thank you for this informative blog

    1. Thanks Daniella!

      I totally agree, I am writing to develop myself as a person but also as a blogger. why do people click away from your website with everything that removes the reader’s attention from the article.

      Reading on a website should be a pleasure. It’s a lot advertising and popup definitely not for me.

      I also need to touch on the subject of mobile access.

      I have met several websites are still not ready to be read on mobile phones. It destroys unfortunately the experience for me. when I almost only online on my iPad.


  3. I was drawn to your website the moment I clicked onto the page.

    I think the header is eye catching. The topic you are writing about will interest many people.

    The points you make are relevant, and the text well formulated.

    I have a few concerns. Most can be easily corrected. The headline of the post does not read well. In the top right-hand graphic passion is spelled incorrectly. Also, the text on the graphics is not easy to read.

    Finally, your post does need editing. There are a few grammatical and spelling errors.

    Just a thought could you write from the readers’ point of view instead of from your own?

    Overall what you have to say and the opportunity you are offering are worthwhile, and I am sure many people will be interested in learning more.

    You have put a lot of work into the page and it shows.

    1. Thanks Marilyn!

      It’s always nice to have some konstrutiv Feadback.

      Let me explain a little about my page banners which I have made. they are part of the work that I have begun to give this page a unique touch.

      If you work with websites then you also know that you can continue to develop it.

      I really can not quite figure out if you’ve read the article or if you just looked at the page and then give me Feadback on it.

      I have written this article to both educate and assist those who have not been converted their page for mobile devices.

      As you can see it’s really easy to figure out and WordPress has a plugin that will make your site completely ready for the future with all the mobile devices

  4. Lots of information here on why you need to creat a mobile friendly website. I agree with most of your points you mention, starting with the need for having a mobile friendly site.

    An alternative I used is to download a plugin for my site that automatically adjusts the site when it is viewed from a mobile device. It was free and works well. It does cut our my header image, but the meat is there, along with the social buttons, etc.

    The social leads you can get are important, ever more so as time goes on and more and more people do their surfing on their devices. Having a pop up is annoying, as you say, so what I have done is added it at the end of my page, as well as having the social buttons appear (as soone as you scroll up they disappear so are not ahhoying at all.

    Good thoughts here and I am interested in what other commenters have to say. Google is now giving a higher priority to sites that are set up to be mobile friendly when the searches are done from a mobile device, so it really doeds matter! Thanks for taking the time to share with us here!

    1. Thanks Dave!

      The social aspect I liked is very important when building a website. If you want to show your fellow anything on your website so is also important that they can operate and navigate your context.

      I think that’s why Google has created an additional update. So we are website owners have had to optimize our pages so they can easily be read on mobile devices.

      I have been a bit lucky with my theme. It has always been mobile friendly. For pop it’s about time that people remove them from their websites.

      I think it’s a little corny to try to keep its readers when they are moving away from the page.

      On mobile phones can really ruin the experience.

  5. Great post and great site! Glad I found this and it has been bookmarked! I totally agree it is very important to have a mobile friendly site nowadays because I see for myself (inside google analytics) that about 50% of the visitors surfing with their mobile. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work. It will help a lot of people! /John

    1. Hello John! Thanks for the kind words.

      Yes it is very important that your website works on mobile media. Some websites you may still have a good experience with the tablet and the iPad although they are not mobile friendly yet, others dancing around and it’s almost impossible to read the context.

      I think it’s really important that users have a good experience no matter what device they are online. I’m helping out a local client he has a nice website but just not on mobile.

      We simply have to in this case to start from scratch.


  6. Great post here I never thought having a mobile friendly website was important. I’ve been dealing with computers all my life and I always thought the websites were for desktops and laptops. But in this new age and evolving technology it only makes sense to have a mobile friendly website. Thank you for the excellent information . I will apply immediately.

    1. Hi William! Thank you for your comment.

      Most of us surf websites on our mobile devices. Is there a page which is not optimized so it will not be a place we return to unfortunately. But the good thing is that all wordpress themes are prepared for these devices.

      So we can confidently build without thinking too much about it more. For just a few years ago it was a different matter that people used most of their pc.

      But I certainly think that you will miss many readers if your page is ready for the world we find ourselves online.

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