What THW Global can I make money or?

THW GlobalWould not it be super useful to be able to make money on watching a video? Can THW Global help you with that?

Here is my THW Global Review

Name: THW Global
Website: https://www.thwglobal.com
Price: Free
Owners: Sherm Mason, or unknown cause I do not know if he exists. The name was hard to find.
Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10

THW Global Product Overview

Video and moneyI am sorry to say that this is my first review which I have not touched on the website itself.
Yes, you heard right it has been suspended in my country. So I’ll have to look at this in an alternative way.
Ok, how do I do it?
Yes, I search Google from another country, I found a country where opportunity is still open.
But the very idea that I can see is the entirely Nobel.
You become a member watching the video one hour than to have earned $ 25.
So you can see up to 10 hours in a week and then have received $ 250
Yes, it sounds perfectly fine, right?
You can also participate in some studies which also gives you an individual payout What these studies can for use is to find out what you are interested in so that experts can market to you with your interests.
I could not quite identify how much of what the videos that you should look contains.
But I could identify it comes to watching commercials and pilot productions of different series.
According to some of the private sales videos that are on youtube
I did not see their official intro video since I do not live in a country that will let me see it.
If not an alarm bell that should ring with you then I must say that you even ask for it

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

seems so sinister that you will find it tough to take it seriously.
I get traffic to this one website by writing this article.
When it is suspended in my country so, I am not from getting to write me up on this list.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, I have met it in social media, so it gives me a small crack in the confidence of the people I follow who introduced me to this.
I feel a little that the only thing this is about is to collect email addresses into so they can market to you with all sorts of products afterward.
Yes, your information will.

Who is THW Global For?

Facebook backoffice Let me make clear that this is one I have not wanted to give my mail.
There is nothing here to suggest that you can make money here if you can then it may well be that they give you a few pocket change to grab your friend’s email address also.
But I think you’re going to wait for the money in a very long time.
So let me put it bluntly, I feel that we have a model here which is designed to collect email addresses for later on to be able to promote all sorts of other make money products to you.
Or else, your information is sold to a third party.
Often we end this kind of leads that mail to a soloads or any similar type of mail registry.
Are you on such a list will have your mail could sell it many times and you will see your spam folder full of all sorts of offers as you have never seen before.
And they are always from making money niche.
Yes, I have tried this a few times.
Once you have given your mail to people like them from here, then all sorts bombard you with one offer after another.
My conclusion is that this is neither for you or me but only for those who are behind the company here.

THW Global Tools & Training

In principle, we do well not workout to watch videos.
Or participate in surveys. But I have since seen a video of a member which both showed earnings but also lives.
But many are they doing here image sharing videos to promote themselves and trying to get you on a deal that can give them an extra income.
Yes, I’ve seen a picture of a quite nicely online office. But unfortunately, can not even get in there and check it out.
Then there is the official Facebook page.
Sweet smiling people I do not know and who do not communicate with each other.
I do not just whether this is where I would recommend you to look for information. I also could not say that I found some training here.

THW Global Support

When I can not access then, it is tough to see if I can contact the owner of the page for help and support.
But let’s say that I manage to recruit more into this model so it looks like I can organize them in my office.
But having to find a team that provides support, yes I think will be a little harder. Yes, you must contact your sponsor to see if he can help you here. He gets money to provide support?
Do you think he can help you very much if the example you can not get your money for the videos that you have seen?

THW Global Price

Fine, it’s free why are you so skeptical Steen?
Jo for what you get in return for your time there? How can the company make money themselves? Let’s say they have 140,000 members, and they all must be paid $ 25 to see the video an hour.
Yes, they have a cost of well over $ 2 million per hour. What if everyone sees 10 hours of video per week, so they have a cost of almost 30 million.
You must then pick somewhere else. But where do people take them?

My Final Opinion of THW Global

It's a ScamA program that gives you $ 250 to see the video. I’m not especially well with the sounds as well.
For it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.
But unfortunately, there are many including myself would have hopped on it.
When I meet such secret people on a website, when even I can not start from here where I live. The content is quite not available in my country. So is it my alarm clock to ring loudly.
There is neither something that is free or easy for some people at all.
I’ve seen people describe that after watching video for a long time from the side. Not even seen the shadow of a dollar.
I’ve read people complain that they have participated in studies without getting feedback from the research.
Yes so that those who have been friends and acquaintances with the idea without seeing so much as a coin for the inconvenience.
Why do they do it at people?
Here is my firm Conclusion they are angling mail addresses, and they would like to find out what products they can send the mail addresses.
It is a pre-spent trick which eventually will mean that you have signed up will encounter all sorts of marketing to you in your mailbox.
You have no idea who they give your information .  an old online MLM tricks.
You come into a team, let’s say that I recruit you for this. Now I have your mail, and you know me.
I will then have an excellent opportunity to send you some info products that I use to build my team.
You are obviously interested in making money online, so you buy and use the products.
You get perhaps it is even some who buy and use what you offer within your or your team.
The next step is an MLM agreement which usually includes some products that you can sell and build on your team.
Here conman you usually your followers with something too expensive training to sell some over-priced products.
To get them to do the same.
This model is probably the most traditional way to create an MLM business online.
Version two as akin is to get you to give as much information about yourself as humanly possible.
The information can to anyone who can use them.
There are many ways to create a business.
You can create a service business without much investment, cleaning and transport will be an excellent opportunity to make money on if you want to build something in your immediate environment.
On the Internet, there are also great opportunities. But you can not build your own business of others concept.
Let me enumerate some of the most common ways up.
Drop Shipping when buying and then sell them on at a more high price.
Very simple but it requires that you learn some things because otherwise you will be cheated it carries.
How about a shop. Here you have a physical store as you sell off via your website. It requires good enough an individual investment to have acquired a store that you can sell.
Last I will mention affiliate marketing.
Here you will find a product that you can promote by creating context around the product.
The best thing about the three online forms which I have mentioned is that you can build it up almost without money out of his pocket. Of course, it requires little capital to have a shop or work with drop shipping.
But instead of having a physical store with employees and window to the street so it is considerably cheaper to create an online business.
What it requires is a website.
It requires that you build it up like a house. It must have a strong foundation. Otherwise, it coincides. You have to make it big and vigorous so that it becomes visible on the web.
It will be your window to the world. When you have a window to the world, so you can also generate traffic to it via organic search.
Now you are thinking enough gee I can not code a website; I have never worked with such a prior. Or do you say that I have tried and it was never quite what I had dreamed?
What if I say that you can get 2 for free that you can practice.
What if I say that you can use a week to find out if this is something you want to learn.

There is no hocus-pocus or videos you get money to see. Here’s to return several thousand helping hands every day. And yes the owner will you, nor he is there to see how you handle it.
Judge for yourself by reading what I have written here about how I work online.

THW Global at a Glance …

Overall Scam Rank: 88 out of 100


This is Scam
Click to begin a Real online journey

As written there is nothing you are served free and certainly not $ 25 to see the video in an hour. Who will pay the bill?
I’ve tried to find something positive to write about it here, but I must admit that I am at the point has failed.
I do not know how good business it is to collect email addresses and then sell them on.
But I have the clear position that it is not okay to do it. Not with the promise of earnings to get you to do the dirty work.
It’s just that I have met here nothing less than the classic model where one can easily cheat people into giving their information from him by promising them easy profits for free.
Are we interested in extra income, it is very easy to fall for it? I have as I have reported even jumped on this idea.
The concepts I’ve fallen you’ve had a bonus and point system well enough, you will get many points, but the money is never there.
You can simply not out of it as you. Yes, you participate in surveys and evaluate products.
But it is as I said, with the aim to find out your interests, so it is easy to market to you afterward.
Creating a business is hard work, it is also true online.
Although you on several occasions has been captured by bad info products like this, so there is certainly quite a legitimate way to do it.
It requires work from you, yes it requires that you are willing to spend the time before you see an income.
It also requires that you complete trying to create a shortcut that is not realistic.
Most that I know online could never find to show you what they earn and what you can make. No, it’s completely up to you.
If you have the courage to build yourself up to work with any topic so read here where I learned my methods.
And no I do not need a dollars that you can test it. No credit card information.
But I will return to have that you are willing to work to achieve your dreams.
Meet me on the other side and check everything out.
I would like first daily see how you’re doing and be a support for your thoughts and actions.
Have you tried to earn money by participating in studies or by having to watch the video?
So let me know how it went downstairs.
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2 thoughts on “What THW Global can I make money or?

  1. Anyone sensible would have smell scam with this THW global. Get paid up to 25 dollars by watching one video? It screams outrageous scam for me. I mean there are sites where you’ll get to watch video, write a review but it’s never with this large amount. I can only feel sad for those unsuspecting victims that got scam in this.

    1. Thanks Kenny! Nice with little support. I can agree that it is a bad business to pay people to watch video. If it was just what was the main purpose.

      But this is really about providing contact information of people as they open their mail and network to a large barrage of all sorts of advertisements.

      Some of the complaints I found after I published this article talks about several hundred mail a day. I really hope that others who read this article like you’ve decided that they stay far away from this.


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