What Is IMSC Rapid Mailer

imageI am sure that everyone who wants to work whit or fix email marketing will greatly benefit from this tool. But you’ll judge it Your selfe, I would certainly like to know what you thought of this concept.

Name: IMSC Rapid Mailer
Website: http://imscrapidmailer.com/
Price: One time $ 67
Owners: Sean Donahoe
Overall Google Rank: 0 out off 100

IMSC Rapid Mailer Product Overview

If you would like to work with email marketing,

I think certainly there is an alternative to the usual autorespondere is on the market such as Aweber, GetResponse and GVO.

It is designed as a wordpress plugin. This means that you really just need to have your own wordpress website.

Then you have a mailingsprogram you completely take control of. Since it is a software you download to your computer.

It should, in principle, do you owe the product once you’ve got it on your computer

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • If you would like to work with email marketing, it seems clear that a good alternative
  • Since you own the software I do not think you are being exposed to additional sales from the publisher
  • You own it once you have set it up and you only pay once and not every month

The Bad:

  • Since I do not like downloading software, although it may sometimes be necessary
  • I’ve never heard of Sean Donahoe before I saw the program for a couple of days ago

Who is IMSC Rapid Mailer For?

It is intended for people who want to start creating a list they can market different afilliate products, or have some kind of business or a group of people you want to send your newsletter out to.

imageIMSC Rapid Mailer Tools & Training

I found a video that I thought was very informative.

About how you can put your autoresponder with your domain and get it as a wordpress plugin.

Even before you purchased the product he offers that you can Skype him personally.

But as I understand it is a little video at each step of your setup.

IMSC Rapid Mailer Support

I am pretty sure that you can just write to them either via Skype or by mail, but how long it can go before you get a response is difficult to say, but beyond that there is video that helps you to put it all together

IMSC Rapid Mailer Price

I will say once $ 67 is not much to pay for an autoresponder that you have complete control over

My Final Opinion of IMSC Rapid Mailer

If you as I say, one of those who will build a list that you can market to.

I would say that it sounds like the ultimate product.

That you can build your list as much as you like. That you simply can export your list from other systems is almost too good to be true.

One thing I like, is not no promises a fortune at the touch of a button. It just looks like a good alternative for those who want to build a list. You own it yourself and it is a wordpress plugin

Name: IMSC Rapid Mailer
Website: http://imscrapidmailer.com/
Owners: Sean Donahoe
Price: $ 67 one time
Overall Scam Rank: 15 out of 100


When I thought that wordpress is good platform to build its websites around. I certainly see this as a great tool to build his list up.

The fact that you own it once you’ve got it installed, you can be a great advantage. In addition it then you should not pay for this service every month

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