What Does Social Monkee Do

imageHow do I come to know social monkee.

I have for some years been interested in building my blog and websites.
I found it a few years ago when I first started making a blog but never found out how it worked. I received their newsletter. In some years and has another way seen as a useful tool to drive traffic to its articles or pages.


Social Monkey

Overall Ranking: 4 of 10


Silver membership $ 0 per month

Ambassador membership $ 19 per month

Owners: Unknown

Website: http://www.socialmonkee.com


Social monkee is a tool that helps you to create backlinks to your article page or blog post.

As a Silver member, you have a link to the day that is sent out to 25 different social bookmarking. With this membership, you have a link on
The day you can get backlinks from 25 bookmarks.

It works by doing three different headlines and three different descriptions of the item. For this, you can use one of the article spinners that you can buy via the site, or can do like me use one of the free you can get on the net.

If you’re doing multiple entries per day and need many backlinks to your pages, it might be an idea to upgrade your membership.

I do not know how well it works now that Google has changed its algorithms


• Small video to help you start using the tool

• You can buy good spinners through ago

• Have been for quite a few years now

• Silver memberships 0 $ a month

• Ambassador membership $ 19 per month


It’s easy to use, but I’m not sure that the page is updated.


It has been on the net some years now, so I have an idea that it works.
But it is a tool to generate backlinks to your pages so you can get more visitors to the end.


It is for those who already have bothered sides and is in the process of building their blog up,


There are small descriptions of the various tools either with video or a short text.
It is easy to use, and you do not necessarily need to use the article purring like social monkee .


There is a  blog with the most common questions
Then there is also support you can write to, but you must have upgraded your membership to get help on the way.


Silver membership $ 0
Ambassador membership $ 19 per month


As I see it, it is an excellent tool to to total driving traffic to his blog.
I also know that there are two other pages that have the same service

socialadr and onlywire I will later make a small study of the other two sides and see if they have more or the same to offer.

But as I said you need to build a blog itself.
Want to know more  (click here)

I would mighty like to learn more about what you are thinking, please email me below and let us have the debate

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    1. Thanks Funmine i have use it a little bit in the past but i still think like onlywire there is lot more follow up work after adding our post, like wa and other place where we can communicate there is a lot to do

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