Feeder Matrix Overview” can I benefit from it”

Screenshot_2014-03-26-17-29-30(1)The Feeder Matrix Review. My personal opinion

It always comes as a surprise for me when my contacts in social media, sends such a business out of their groups.

Name: Feeder Matrix
Website: http://www.feedermatrix.com
Price: $ 1.75 – $ 320.00
Owners: Unknown
Google Rank: 3 out of 10

Screenshot_2014-03-26-18-37-31(1)Feeder Matrix Product Overview

It is a website that quite bluntly and set up as a clearly pyramid schemes promise you automatically profit of just $ 1.75.

You then need to find 5 that will do the same. Then you give it in total to the one who is above you in the chain.

But since it is a matrix, it must of course like to be automatic.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • This is a nice website
  • And you get payments from payze

The Bad:

  • There is no product only money
  • No one will stand as the owner
  • There are very few who in general have a chance to make money from it.

Who is Feeder Matrix For?

It is clearly designed for those people who have a dream of quick profits online. To me it seems like an opportunity to make others believe that it may be a good business.

Feeder Matrix Tools & Training

There is a facebook group which provides a bit of information about how to use the page and as I see it, not everyone is allowed to write to it.

You have of course your office once you have spent your first $ 1.75 and like all other pages, create your profile.

Feeder Matrix Support

There is a R & Q with the most common questions about being a member. But when the owner is unknown, I think, unfortunately, not that there is so much personal support.

You can also submit a support request off, but here during my research in different forum I found several members who had never received answers to their questions.

Traders largely on payments and the upsell people met at once they had signed up


Feeder Matrix Price

You can start for $ 1.75 but it goes as I said, not that you can make a fortune with the effort, as you will soon meet some very different prices almost immediately you open your credit card.

It all ends in an action on these at $ 320 and that is what you are supposed to be able to build up your network so that you are able to invest the amount.

My Final Opinion of Feeder Matrix

I think unfortunately the  programs exclusively about to change. Unfortunately, I am quite sure that it is only the few who are right at the top of the pyramid who have an income with this.

I would personally choose a location.There teach me how to become a real entrepreneur. Rather than attempting to make money on my personal network.

DROP IT.  This is pure humbug and you get very difficult to be trained as an Internet entrepreneur with this.

Name: Feeder Matrix
Website: http://www.feedermatrix.com
Owners: Unknown
Price: $ 1.75 – $ 320.00
Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100


As written keep you far away from this type of network they both take your money and the only way you can make money is by getting money from your personal network.

It may well be that they promise 90% to the network but the real equation of you probably never overview.Screenshot_2014-03-16-13-05-28(2)

Are you part of this business or have an attitude like me throw it below I am really happy to get a good solid debate on building its network up and what we can build it around.

About Steen

Truck driver with a penchant for writing about my experiences both online but also offline. Drop a comment below if you either want to know more or share your point of view

8 thoughts on “Feeder Matrix Overview” can I benefit from it”

  1. First…..whoever wrote this article clearly needs help with their English because it’s horrible. Next, the program is NOT designed as a “get rich quick” anything, but it IS designed as get rich eventually. It requires four people, not five because it’s referred to as a 4 x 4 forced matrix. And a person’s ONLY job is getting four people. How hard is that? If you honestly and truly believe that someone is trying to “scam” you for A DOLLAR SEVENTY-FIVE that you ONLY HAVE TO PAY ONCE…..you need your head examined. You’re dealing with the price of a bottled water for the most part. Even if it IS total nonsense, which it isn’t. At the end of the day, what have you really lost? Most people spend more than that on BS on a daily basis. I’ve been involved in the Feeder Matrix for 3 weeks. I went to my 2nd level literally in a day, and now I’m working on building my team’s team. Yes, it’s slow money. But slow money is better than no money.

    1. Thank you for you have given your time to read my review.
      I am Danish and my english is not the best, but it’s a small obstacle as I am a little care.
      I am well aware that less than 2 $ to start an online business is a very small investment.
      I am delighted that you are able to build a team both for yourself but also for others.
      But as I see the many matrix which we often encounter in the social networks.
      As a form of trickery, as it is very few people succeed just to get their money back.
      If you reckon on you well enough to create you a huge team just to make a few hundred a month on it. you must create a really great team where most of the members are never going to make money on their work.
      I never claimed that it is easy to build up a business.
      But to build it up with money as a product is not a real business in my opinion.
      I do not think I will find a matrix that I do not have the experience.
      I’m not saying that it is good business to write but I have an opportunity to provide the market with some valuable information, rather than just building a pyramid I see a matrix

  2. Hello Steen, I am a member of Feeder Matrix. Everyone that is claiming that Feeder Matrix to be a pyramid scheme has usually altered Feeder Matrix with nofactual information. So lets see how you have altered Feeder Matrix. You said that there is no product only money. I became a member of Feeder Matrix. It is free to join. If membership is free then what is $1.75 for? You say that you have to find 5 that will do the same then you give the total to the one who is above in the chain. How is that possible when all sells are direct? Where is the promise of automatic profit located on Feeder Matrix website? Where did you get 90% from? How can you call Feeder Matrix a scam when you are providing nonfactual information?

    1. Hello Moses!
      Thanks for your reply.
      I know that Feeder Matrix is ​​one of the more popular ones.
      But it’s still an array or a so-called pyramid. It is very rare that you can make something special about working with these pyramids as a free member.
      When I wrote this article there was a hit in social media, and I got a direct request via the chat box. Excuse me but it seems like a rather desperate way of trying to draw people into the pyramid. I looked after if I could find something really valuable in there.
      But I must admit that I found so much more than some teams who spent some much sought ways to recruit their fellow men. So if that is the method in use then I must admit that I am in good conscience would still call it humbug. Although in many members.
      Most pyramids have an expiration date and I say with guarantee that Feeder Matrix also has.

  3. Hello Steen!
    Thanks for your response.
    I’ve noticed that you have eluded all of my questions. Once again, everyone that claims Feeder Matrix as being a pyramind scheme has altered Feeder Matrix with nonfactual information. With that being said, lets see how you have altered Feeder Matrix.
    You said that there’s no product only money. Membership free. What is the purpose of $1.75?

    1. Hello Moses!
      Thank you for the debate.
      I can see that their website has been updated since I wrote this article. But as you see the image file in the middle of the article from their old site.
      I’ve only just looked superficially on the updated version.
      I see they do not use the same slogans more

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